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December 9, 2017

Stay Stylish & Fit with Bellabeat

Stay Stylish & Fit With Bellabeat

In recent years, there has been a huge influx of fitness trackers, pedometers, etc on the market. Each with their own bells and whistles, while a lot of these fitness trackers are amazing in their own way, they each seem to be lacking one thing: style.

Enter Bellabeat.

Bellabeat is a stylish, beautifully designed fitness tracker the seeks to revolutionize the tracker industry by appealing to the market segment that cares about not only their health but want to remain fashionable as well.

Stay Stylish & Fit With Bellabeat


Three months ago I received the Bellabeat Leaf from Bellabeat to review.

This is the first fitness tracker I’ve used, I was really excited to receive it! What I about love about the Bellabeat Leaf is how the pendant tracks your sleep cycles, activity, breathing, and monthly cycles. The box includes accessories so that you can wear it as a bracelet, necklace, or clip.

Style and Design

I love the overall look and feel of the Bellabeat. I literally wear mine every day and almost never take it off! The only reason I’ve never worn fitness trackers in the past is that I hate wearing things on my wrist. I don’t even wear watches. So most fitness trackers have been a no-go for me. I also don’t like the way a lot of them look.Let’s be honest, I like to try and remain as fashionable as possible.

The tracker itself is pretty thick. It is not a thin flimsy piece of jewlery like I initially thought. After three months of everyday use, it’s still just as shiny as the day I received it. I have not noticed any wear or tear with the chain (which I use most) either. I you have lead an active lifestyle like myself, then this is definitely a tracker you should use.

Our Eclipse day gathering. I never took my Bellabeat off–and it matched my dress perfectly!


I also wear my Bellabeat when doing my online webinars Pinterest for Photographers. Many people comment on how lovely it is, and once I reveal I’m wearing a fitness tracker they lose it! It’s so cute, I know!


The Bellabeat comes in a nice compartment style box. This is perfect for storing the extra accessories.


The Bellabeat includes a stylish leather wristband and necklace for versatile use.


I have to admit, the only real negative was this leather wristband. I’ve read several reviews stating it was impossible to put on, and I agree. I could not put it on and to this day I still haven’t worn it yet.

But hey, it looks nice!


I love the necklace. Since I could never get the wristband to work, I’ve always opted to wear as a necklace (or clip). The chain is very durable and I even sleep in it every night!

Sleep Cycle

The Leaf tracker estimates the time you feel asleep and the time you woke up. It tracks how well you slept based off of your movements. As a constant toss and turner, it was pretty accurate. I’m unfortunately a light sleeper, I wish there were a few more metrics involved with their reporting. Hopefully, over time, they will improve this function.

Despite my insomnia, Bellabeat has tagged 80% of my nights as tranquil sleep, with the other 20% being disturbed sleep. I can say that my increased restful nights are due to the guided meditation prompts included with the app. More on that later!

This is the section of the app where I would like more detail. I would love to know more about my deep sleep or REM stage. What algorithm is used for calculating deep sleep? Are you really just tracking my movements to determine what type of sleep I’m having?

As for the accuracy. It’s spot on. This is about the time every night I fall asleep, and this is definitely the time I get up. My alarm actually goes off at 6:14 so if anything it’s one minute behind.


The main function of the Bellabeat is to track your steps. I’ve read different reports on accuracy, I guess it just depends on the person. For my the steps counted on the tracker match the step counter on my phone and a borrowed tracker, I used to compare accuracy with.

I wear the leaf as a necklace on a regular basis, I was initially worried about the constant movement of the necklace, but the reporting seems to be fairly accurate based on my normal day.

I synced my Leaf to Google Fit as a backup.

Monthly Cycle

I love how the Bellabeat tracks my cycle. It has been 100% spot on for the last few months (even impressed me). If you are TTC it also tracks your most fertile days. I would highly recommend using this function if you are.


The meditation is my #1 favorite part about the Bellabeat app. I mentioned how the guided meditations have helped me have a more restful sleep and it really does. With a number of meditations and breathing exercises to choose from, you can easily find something to suit your needs. Easily find a meditation to help you get a peaceful nights rest.

There are several meditations I practice on a regular basis.

Connecting to your Inner Compass-A guided meditation that will help you connect to your internal compass — the part of you that always offers you the best guidance.

Connecting to the present moment-A visualization exercise that will help you observe your thoughts and take dominion over them.

“Practising guided meditation exercises regularly can bring more mindfulness to your busy life. Meditation is reshaping your body and mind, developing a healthier, calmer and more focused you – all it takes is just a few minutes of settling your mind each day.
Guided meditation exercises by Christine Hassler are available both for Leaf Nature and Leaf Urban. All you have to do is put your earphones and enjoy your daily dose of mindfulness.”-Bellabeat Website

I would highly suggest trying out different meditations until you find one that you like. I’m a huge fan of visualization exercises as they bring me the most peace. There are a few 3D meditations that are not audio guided, but rather sound effects based on your choice of exercise. This gives you the chance to play one of the meditations while repeating your own mantra in your mind. Give this a try and see if it works for you!


Check out my Bellabeat in action with my Zombies Run! app!

Mother of two, photographer, and fitness enthusiast hoping to inspire others to live healthy.

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