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January 12, 2017

Strength Training Workouts For Kids

strength training workouts for kidsStrength training workouts for kids, when done correctly, offers many benefits to young children and adolescents. Like yoga, strength training has become another one of my favorite non-competitive activities for my children to complete.

Strength training can add:

  • Increased muscle strength and endurance.
  • Sports performance improvement.
  • Better cardiorespiratory function.
  • Helps to protect the child’s muscles and joints from injury associated with other activities.
  • Stronger bones.

Like adults, the importance of developing early healthy habits can not be overemphasized. The most important aspect of any youth fitness and sports program is improved attitude regarding physical fitness. When starting early, strength training workouts for kids can help improve their outlook on youth sports activities and can help improve their own self-confidence when completing physical activities.


Research has shown that children can benefit early one from proper strength training.  Age-appropriate exercises when combined with a great routine, can help develop skills such as motor skills, strength, and psychomotor ability. Strength training workouts for children should be started under the supervision of a professional. Proper posture and form are all key to success. Injury can occur if you are not careful. Never begin a workout regime without a.) consulting your doctor, b.) making sure your child is ready.


In order to help children develop proper form remember: HIGHER REPS AND LOWER SETS help create and develop muscle memory for young children. Exercises should be done with slow progression, start without weights first until your child develops good form.


Jump Squats

  • Lower into a squat position, bending the knees.
  • Jump up, getting triple extension through the hips,knees and ankles.
  • Go as high as possible.
  • Try to spend as little time on the ground as possible.
  • 2×6 jumps

strength training workouts for kids

Push ups

strength training workouts for kids


strength training for kids


Polymetric exercise can be good for children and adolescents because it helps develop bone strength and muscle strength.

Lower Body Polymetrics (source)

The basis for lower body polymetric drills is an attempt to replicate playing movements, such as jumping, bounding, pushing off and changing direction. The movements are meant to be exaggerated and powered, such as:
  • Oversized strides are used in the running action with extra time spent in the air.
  • Multiple jumps over a series of obstacles like hurdles of footballs to improve power for sprinting or jumping events.
  •  Standing based jumps performed on the spot (low intensity) – Tuck Jumps, Split Jumps
  •  Jumps from standing (low-medium intensity) – Standing long jump, Standing hop, standing jump for height
  •  Multiple jumps from standing (medium intensity) – bounds, bunny hops, double footed jumps over discs, cones or footballs.

strength training for kids, polymetric exercises for kids

Sample Polymetric Workouts (source)


  • To start, bend the knees slightly—power and movement will come through the ankle joints
  • Drive off the ground as explosively as possible
  • On landing, keep legs straight but not locked and spring back into the air using extension through the ankles to gain height
  • 2×8 jumps

Squat Jump

  • Lower into a squat position, bending the knees
  • Jump up, getting triple extension through the hips, knees and ankles
  • Go as high as possible
  • Try to spend as little time on the ground as possible
  • 2×6 jumps

Star Jump

  • Like the Squat Jump, from a squat position, jump as high as possible
  • At the highest point, bring legs out to the side and arms overhead at a 45-degree angle, forming a star
  • Bring feet back in and under the body before landing
  • Land and repeat
  • 2×6 jumps

Double Leg Speed Hop

  • With both feet together, extend the ankles and hips
  • Staying on your toes, hop on both feet for 10 yards
  • Spend a little time as possible on the ground—pretend you’re hopping through hot coals
  • 2×10 yards

Looking for more kids exercises? Head over to my Pinterest Board to see more.

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