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January 10, 2018

Revamping Your Morning Routine for a More Efficient Work Day

Lately, I have found myself struggling more and more with getting myself going in the morning. I’ve been completely drained of energy, and the only time I’ve felt like doing any work has been in small spurts throughout the day.

After two weeks of no motivation, I realized I was going through burnout. I just couldn’t bring myself to open my computer, check one more email or type one more post.

I was done. 

This is when I realized I needed to change my morning routine. Lately I’ve been going to bed and waking up to chaos with my youngest being on her toddler rampage lately. These tantrums have begun throwing my entire day off and leaving me drained and unmotivated.

First things first, I’ve been waking up and getting myself silently prepared for the day  before I wake up the kids. I had been getting them up as soon as I wake up. This was just a bad idea all the way around. I need to wake up and get myself right first.
I grab a cup of coffee, fix breakfast and read my daily verses before waking them up. This puts me into a much better mood and I’m more equipped to deal with my children who are NOT morning people.

I’ve been a lot more careful about my morning breakfast choices. Now that I’m the big 3-4 I’ve noticed how all of a sudden certain foods no longer sit right with me. So I’m back on my health food kick making sure I get the right types of food in my body.

After dropping the kids off, I slowly put myself into a work frame of mind. It’s hard to jump right in to work so early, but I’ve noticed since pacing my mornings I’ve been a lot more calm and focused. It’s been better for everyone!

During the day, I take a small break to meditate. Even though I’m working from home, it’s not always a constant break. So to keep myself focused, I will take small meditation breaks to reenter myself.

How do you prepare yourself when you lose focus? Are you planning on setting any organization goals for the New Year?

Let me know in the comments.

Mother of two, photographer, and fitness enthusiast hoping to inspire others to live healthy.

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