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August 10, 2017

In-Home Gym Equipment For Children

children's fitness equipment, in home gym

It’s so easy to focus on equipment for yourselves, but what about the kids?

Having an in-home gym in a small space can be done if you get creative. On one side of the room I have my barbells, medicine ball and bands and on the other side, my children have their very own setup!!

Benefits of having certain children’s exercise equipment

  • They can be taught how to properly work out specific muscles
  • Promotes overall daily health and wellness
  • Regular Coordination development

It’s not necessary to have any equipment for your child. It’s always easier to send them outside, but if you have the ability, owning just a few pieces of equipment can help your child develop great habits and learn a little more about their body and how it works in the process.

It took a while to find equipment that durable enough for active children, but also compact enough to fit in small spaces and can be packed easily.

Redmon Airwalker For Kids and Redmon Treadmill

The air walker (pictured on the far left) has been discontinued by Redmon. But lucky for you, Amazon still has plenty left! This machine is so much fun, the kids stay on it for the majority of their time (even when watching tv).

The treadmill is good for smaller children. While I’m not a good fan of the construction, it serves a great purpose. I haven’t found another child-sized treadmill, so this is the one we went with. If you know of another brand that’s made a little sturdier let me know!

children's fitness equipment, in-home gym equipment for children







Redmon Exercise Bike

children's fitness equipment, in-home gym equipment for children








Redmon 9202 - Fun and Fitness Exercise Equipment for Kids - Happy Bike

This bike is perfect for indoor cardio. Since I can’t quite get a bike indoors for myself, I’m glad I was able to find one for the kids to enjoy. This is another great piece of equipment to have.

Each piece of equipment comes with a lot of pieces but for the most part, it’s fairly easy to put together. No worse than any IKEA product.

Redmon Rower for Kids














Most of this equipment is appropriate for ages 3-6. If you have older children that may be on the smaller side then this may work for them. So for my son who is small for his age this equipment was perfect up until this summer! Now he’s taller so we are getting some other equipment for him to use. Audrey may be able to use these for another year, provided she doesn’t have a growth spurt anytime soon.

Bumps, Bruises, Proper Techniques and “THE RULES”

The rubber flooring placed on the garage surface helps soften any bumps and bruises that might occur from over excited children. Remember to let them know it’s still exercise equipment and we don’t play while working out. Proper technique and focus are required to prevent injury.

Other great strength training equipment for kids

If you have older children or don’t have the space for some of the larger items above then I highly suggest the items below. We are getting into strength training so that Aidan can prepare for fall sports, this equipment has helped his agility, upper body strength and more!

Mini Plyo Box

Jump box for kids!! My children love watching me do box jumps, so when I found this awesome one for kids I had to get it! The box is 5.5 inches tall so it’s not too high for your little ones!








WOD Kettle Kid Toy Kettlebell

This little kettlebell is amazing!! My children love being able to workout along side mom with their own set of equipment! This is .5 lb weight that’s super light and really easy to use. If they drop it on their feet, no worries it doesn’t really hurt (according to the 5 year old).







 WOD Toy Med Ball

This 1lb ball is perfect for helping your little ones work on their upper body strength. There are tons of great exercises your child can do with a medicine ball. If they are heavy into sports this is a great item to get.








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Do you have any equipment for your children? If so what do you use?




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