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January 9, 2018

Fuel Your Hustle with Protein

protein, zero added sweetners, greek yogurt



As a busy mom, I have to make sure I have the energy I need to keep up with my children’s active lifestyle in addition to my own. Between sports practice, tutoring, running my own photography business and blogging, making sure I get the correct amount of protein during the week is virtually impossible. I often find myself snacking on a wide variety of things (healthy and not so healthy) throughout the day, because I can never get the chance to just sit and eat a complete meal.








With us being in the middle of winter football, we are gone from the house three evening and a weekend afternoon every week for about 6 weeks. This often becomes torture on my body and my eating habits. Not to mention, I’m dead smack in the middle of proposal season (yes it’s a thing) and wedding season will kick into full gear starting in March!


Proteins are an important part of your diet. Since beginning my journey I’ve learned to be a lot more cautious about what I eat. Especially on wedding days. In the past I would pack my bag with a Red Bull and some form of chocolate to keep me going –the end result, I was always way more tired and sluggish than I needed to be. This was before I had to make the two-hour drive back home.

Once I really began researching clean eating, I figured out the snacks that would be more beneficial to me throughout the day, especially when shooting evening weddings. I would arrive somewhere between 11-1 and not leave until 11pm-1am. By the end of the night, I was usually starving and exhausted, feeling completely drained. Since adding appropriate snacks to my big, I find myself feeling fuller longer, I’m still tired after my long days, but that’s only because I’ve been shooting a wedding for 12 hours!

greek yogurt, protein, zero aritfiial sweeteners, greek yogurt

Oikos Protein Crunch Greek Yogurt is the newest Greek yogurt from Dannon. It has more the nutrients (17 grams protein and 6 grams fiber per 5-ounce cup) with no artificial sweeteners, perfect to keep me going throughout the day without the fear of a sugar crash a few hours later. Since added Oikos to my diet, I’ve noticed I’m able to keep going longer between snacks!

The flavors are Vanilla Yogurt with Chocolate Oats & Peanuts, Banana Yogurt with Cocoa Clusters & Chocolate, Coconut Yogurt with Whole Grain Oats & Almonds, and Vanilla Yogurt with Chocolate Caramel Pretzel.  signing up with Ibotta and purchasing 2 Dannon Oikos Protein Crunch yogurts, you can earn .75.

Protein is key to any workout regime, but also very important for our everyday lives as well. Proteins are what keep you fuller longer, there is never a need to cut proteins when dieting–EVER! If you offer full-service wedding days, you could be working up to 12 hours most times. Keeping your diet rich in proteins is a great way to keep your metabolism going strong. Protein not only increases your metabolism it also aids in muscle growth.

Protein is also great for those of you who do strength training and are looking to add more muscle building exercises to your regime. It doesn’t matter if your a beginner or advanced, adding a healthy dose of protein to your diet and great strength training workout is the BEST way to continue to fuel your hustle for 2018!

As a bonus here are a few great exercises that you can do before or after enjoying your Okios Protein Crunch Greek Yogurt.


What are some of your wedding day snacks? Do you carry anything in your bag?


Mother of two, photographer, and fitness enthusiast hoping to inspire others to live healthy.

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