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June 26, 2017

Favorite Solo Outdoor Activities

favorite solo outdoor activities

A major part of my self-care this year is unplugging and get away a lot more than what I had in the past. Since I’ve been more diligent in getting some ‘me time’ I’ve found myself to be way more patience, understanding and intuitive in my life. Allowing adequate time to recharge after stressful weeks has been very beneficial to me over the last 25 weeks. As we hit the halfway point of the year I wanted to take some time out and share a few of my favorite solo outdoor activities.

When you’re looking to really get away from it all I highly recommend hiking. I’ve discovered some pretty amazing places when I go out for walks, but our state parks have offered some of the most beautiful backdrops for me to sit back and meditate in quiet.

I’m also a bit of a daredevil as well. I enjoy adrenaline pumping activities such as zip lining and skydiving.

Hot Air Ballooning is on my bucket list. During a recent Google search, I learned there is a hot air balloon festival near me in October. I’m looking forward to attending this year with the kids. The photographer in me can’t wait to get some amazing photos. I doubt we’ll be able to ride, my children are afraid of heights and I’m certainly not wasting the money just to have them cry!

I have a bucket list full of things I want to try such as deep sea diving, snowboarding and mountain climbing. What are some of your favorite solo activities? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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