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July 26, 2017

Disney Family Movie Night Workouts & More

Disney Family Movie Night Workouts
Disney family movie night workouts you can enjoy today

Can you believe we still have 4 more weeks until school starts? This summer has been an absolute blast! The kids and I have enjoyed every minute of our time together and we still have more to go! If you’re still counting down the days until your kiddos return to school but recognize it’s entirely too hot to send them outside (we have 100 degree plus days here in August); then the exercises below are perfect for getting your child’s daily recommended amount of physical activity in without having to venture outside in the heat.

These Disney family movie night workouts are perfect for the family with kids that won’t sit still during the movie. Or maybe that’s just my two!

Looking for more kid focused workouts? Try these below:

Looking for even more child focused exercises? Visit my Pinterest board for more!

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