June 4, 2016

About Me

The Fit Fotographer | www.fitfotog.com | Nicole Caudle

I’m a wife and mother of two that decided it was time to take her life back. After years of unhealthy eating habits I was determined to turn my life around for the sake of my children-whom were starting to pick up my bad habits.

Since beginning my journey 2 years ago I have lost a total of 73lbs. I’ve reached my goal now I want to tone.

I’ve worked in retail, as a waitress and even Walt Disney World-all of these jobs required a ton of physical activity. Wedding photography is no different. 10-12 hours can begin to wear on you, since I love my job I didn’t want to risk injury or other serious health issues.

My goal is to motivate other creatives and just anyone in general into living a more healthy and active lifestyle. Working from home is hard. Working for yourself is even harder. Sometimes we forget to take time out for ourselves and are constantly tempted to work all day, everyday.

The exercises I’m showing you are perfect when you in the middle of an editing marathon. Just remember to get up from behind the computer every once and a while!

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