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June 22, 2016

Upper Body and Core: Bridge & Chest Fly

Happy Wednesday!!!

I have another wonderful exercise that I want to share with you all today! Bridge & chest fly exercises are perfect to do home-especially if you are unable to make it to the gym and need something quick.

This bridge and chest fly exercise will tone and lift your butt, while working your chest and core.

To start:

Begin with lying on your back and getting into the standard bridge position. Keep your knees shoulder width a part and point your hips towards the sky. With your arms stretched out to the side begin by performing a chest fly. Keeping your arms straight (no bent elbows) bring your arms together and down again. Repeat this exercise 2-3 times (20 reps). Follow with the bridge chest press and tricep/bicep toners for a more intense workout.

Mother of two, photographer, and fitness enthusiast hoping to inspire others to live healthy.

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