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January 3, 2018

How to stay fit during family time

There are countless articles explaining why you should work out or why you don’t have time to workout. Everyone has a valid reason–it’s called LIFE. LIFE HAPPENS.

Trying to entertain small children while working during the day is a challenge. Trying to drag a toddler with you to the gym so you can workout–pure hell!! One of my daughters favorite movies is Frozen.

When you’re trying to fit in family time after working all week and the only thing you really want to do is just lie on the couch and be left alone, lay back, throw those legs up and do a few bicycle kicks. The best part of this is getting the family involved, especially if you have kids who love mimicking everything you do anyway. Try these exercises below. These moves will get the blood pumping and excite the kids as they wait for the next song. If you’re lucky by the end of the movie they’ll be too tired to do anything else except go to sleep!!



Not in to Disney movies? I’ve been know to do a squat challenge while watching “The Godfather”. (More on the daily squat challenges later.)

Mother of two, photographer, and fitness enthusiast hoping to inspire others to live healthy.

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