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July 5, 2017

Grokker Review: How Grokker Made In Home Workouts More Convenient

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Earlier this year, I signed up for a free trial of the website Grokker. I stopped going to the gym on a regular basis but needed something where I could still view workouts from home. Grokker became the perfect solution to my problem.

While at home, I use Grokker for ROKU. This is a convenient way to get my daily workouts in and with the ROKU you are able to access your daily calendar right on the screen.  Having the ability to view the videos on tv are significantly better to my previous method of propping up the phone against a water bottle. Now I’m able to turn on the television and view the views right there. By setting the videos/programs on my calendar, there is no need for me to search for the ones I want to view. they automatically appear in my video library and I am sent a daily email reminder as well.

The downside to Grokker is that there is no app for Android, but for iPhone users head right over to the app store and download to start your 14-day free trial.

Now Your Average Yogi Site

I love Grokker for their strength and conditioning videos. If you only do yoga you will not use a good portion of this website. There is so much more to Grokker than just yoga. Recipes, HITT workouts,  strength training, weight management, weight training, pilates and so much more are all a part of Grokker’s unique platform.

grokker review, why i love grokker app

Another favorite is the barre videos. I have always wanted to go to a barre studio, but am very self-conscious due to an experience at a Barre studio a while back. I love having the opportunity to do this in the comfort of my own home.

Another appeal of Grokker is their collections. I completed the HIIT/Strength video set last week and feeling energized for the next set coming up this week.


Grokker is similar to other fitness websites with the exception of its social media like interface. With the option to interact with other users, follow and comment on activities. With the ability to connect with other users, Grokker is the fitness social media site I have been dreaming of.

Grokker is the “be a better you” video network focused on people’s passion for wellness. They offer exclusive, expert-led instructional premium videos in four wellness areas: yoga, meditation, fitness & exercise, and cooking. Grokker members are able to personally interact with their expert teachers, connect with like-minded enthusiasts and customize their experience.

Looking for meditation and ways to reduce stress or enhance sleep? Grokker also features a wonderful selection of videos for the aforementioned and more.

Grokker’s Employee Wellness program is another program that I see as a benefit.  I love seeing companies put their money where their mouth and Grokker’s program could definitely help improve any companies wellness program. With the ability to create challenges and a reward based system, this is a perfect way for companies to improve their in-house work-life balance programs.

With more than 1700 cooking videos, there is a little something for everyone under the cooking section of the website. Every section is this site is comprehensive especially the cooking section. With cooking programs ranging from quick and healthy, to Italian summer favorites you are sure to find something you love on Grokker.


It is always free to join Grokker. Members start a 14 Day Trial – with unlimited access to premium videos and can choose from two Premium plans: $14.99/month for a monthly plan or $9.99/month with a one-time annual payment. Members can cancel anytime – no hassle.


Looking for more? Get in shape for the summer with Grokker’s 28 Days. Sign up for your free 14-day trial today.

Mother of two, photographer, and fitness enthusiast hoping to inspire others to live healthy.
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