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September 20, 2016

The Happy Planner Fitness Journal

I’m a chronic lister. Unfortunately for me I need to make list for everything. Creating list have helped me tremendously while I’m on my fitness journey. The Happy Planner’s Fitness Journal is a great little planner to help you keep track of your daily habits, including exercise, food and water.

Keeping a training journal has been essential in allowing me to know what workouts I’m doing–I know what works, what doesn’t as well as I what I like and what I don’t. I also use the journal to record my thoughts and how I personally feel about each of my workouts. This lets me know where I am mentally. Usually when I hit my wall, I go back over my journal to see the exact spot where I started to ‘not really feel like it’.

My fitness journal has been a huge confidence booster for me as well. I’m able to look back on my progress to see just how well I’ve been doing. I’ve also been able to tell when I’ve become stagnant or stayed the same.

Regarding confidence, I’m able to become my own motivation just by reading my personal thoughts and looking at my photos. My journal has become a road map for my fitness journey. I’ve been able to avoid sidetracking and since I’m currently in the middle of my 16 week journey–I have a final destination set. Which is key to keeping consistency. I know that I have something to work for and I do it.

Without a map or a clear game plan, it is impossible to get yourself out of a sticky situation. Without a journal, it is easier to lose focus and give up. If you don’t record it, it can become easier to forget the whole point of what the game is. Good intentions and great ideas become just a passing thought if you fail to write them down.

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You can find your Happy Planner Fitness Journal here on Amazon. Here are a few great fitness journal ideas on Pinterest as well.

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