Favorite South Carolina Hiking Trails

favorite south carolina hiking trails


I love the outdoors. I find myself needing to disconnect from technology at least twice a month in order to totally recharge. Spending time outside with the kids hiking and camping is the perfect the way to do this. South Carolina has so many outdoor trails it was hard to choose which ones are best. I curated a list of my favorite South Carolina hiking trails from novice to advanced. There are a few you can enjoy as a family, while others are suitable for older more experienced hikers.

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My children love this trail. It is a little bit more on the difficult side because of the dirt but if you have kids that are up for the challenge this is a nice little hike you can all enjoy. The trail is just little over a mile long and once you reach the end you can circle the beautiful lake.

Jumping Off Rock

Jumping Off Rock, Favorite South Carolina Hiking Trails

Located along the Cherokee  Foothills Scenic Highway, Jumping Off Rock offers breathtaking views of Lake Jocassee and the Jocassee Gorges.  Mountains, trees, and beautiful lake views are all you see from the top. Truly one of the last places left in the state untouched by development for miles.

Pinnacle Mountain

Pinnacle Mountain is not exactly for the faint of heart. This mountain is quite steep, I had to scramble up to the top several times holding onto the ground!! At 4.2 miles it is South Carolina third highest point and not for novice climbers. There is not much of a view, but great exercise if you are looking for a challenge.

If you want to add a little extra oomph to your hike how about tackling Pinnacle Pass. This 10 miles hike takes you along some of the highest ridges in the state. While it is quite strenuous it offers some of the best views of any trail in the state.

Palmetto Trail

Palmetto Trail, Favorite South Carolina Hiking Trails

Middle Saluda Passage  is one of the more difficult trails on the Palmetto Trail. This 13.9 mile trail travels through the heart of the Mountain Bridge Wilderness Area of Jones Gap State Park and Caesar’s Head State Park.

At 47 miles in length the Swamp Fox Passage, while long is one of the easier trails to walk. Perfect for biking with the family! This trail is perfect for camping and riding horses, make a weekend of it with the family and hike this amazing trail!

Want to see more of my favorite hiking spots from New England, South Carolina, and North Carolina? Check out my pinterest board for more!

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